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Community Supported Crypto Investing

What is MuFuCoin?
MuFuCoin is the first investor directed mutual coin in the crypto currency space. MuFuCoin will derive its value from the overall value of the coins that make it up. Each and every member in the MuFuCoin platform will be able to vote on which coins make up MuFuCoin at the beginning of each cycle. Want to ride the Bitcoin roller coaster? Go for it! Know of a little know coin that has lots of potential, vote for it!

Why Does MuFuCoin Exist?
Coinmarketcap.com currently lists more than 1500 crypto currencies and more are pushed to the market every day!
Are you familiar with each one of them? Can you keep track of each of them as they come to market? Of course not!
Why not harness the community of thousands of other crypto enthusiasts to learn about these and find the diamonds in the rough.

Anyone that has been in crypto for more than a couple weeks knows how Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) can cause the value of a single coin to plummet. MuFuCoin is virtually FUD proof because its value is not based on a single coin but on the values of multiple coins hand picked by you and the vast community of other crypto enthusiast.
Gone are the days of CEOs, CFOs, and major corporations making decisions for you. MuFuCoin allows you and your fellow investors to decide which coins to invest in, and you can change it every cycle. At the end of every cycle you can choose whether to stay in for the following cycle, take your coins and exchange them, or stake them in our wallet and wait for the following cycle to reinvest. The solution to these issues are completely resolved by MuFuCoin! One coin to represent the best of the coins, as decided by the coin owners themselves. Think of it as a community managed mutual coin. There’s no FUD, there’s no shilling. The coin is worth the sum of its parts.

How does MuFuCoin Work?
MuFuCoin starts with you, the individual investor. A pool of cryptocurrency coins is provided to each member to select from. You can then vote on what percentage of each coin makes up 1 MuFuCoin. For each MuFuCoin you own, you are allowed one vote per cycle on how the coin should be diversified across available coins. At the end of the vote phase all the votes are tallied up and purchases are made according to the combined community vote.

What if everyone just votes for 1 coin?
This isn't possible. The platform is designed to only allow each member to allot a maximum of 20% of thier total vote to one coin. At minimum each user has to vote for at least a distribution of 5 coins to include. This prevents it from basically becoming a proxy for 1 coin that everyone votes for or for whales to take over the coin and vote every other coin out.

What if someone picks bad coins and doesn't invest?
Again, this isn't possible. Voting requires the investment of the coins you vote with. If you vote with 1000 coins, you have also chosen to invest those 1000 coins for that cycle. In order to vote, you have to have "Skin in the game"

I voted, and I changed my mind, what do I do?
Not a problem. Votes may be cancelled and recreated unlimited times during the voting cycle. Only once the vote phase of the cycle ends will voting be disabled.

What is a "Cycle"?
A full cycle includes 3 phases
1. Vote phase: 5 day phase to allow the community to vote on coins to be included in the cycle
2. Investment Phase: 30 day phase after votes are complete and community vote of coins are purchased.
3. Payout Phase: Based on the performance of included coins, the cycle is ended, and value of coin is returned to each voter.

How Does the payout work?
At the beginning and end of each cycle, MuFucoin always has a static value of Ξ.001 Ethereum.
At the end of the cycle, the value of the coin will be distributed back to you at this rate.
For instance, if you invest 1000 MuFuCoins, each of these coins were purchased for Ξ.001 Ethereum giving you a gross investment of Ξ1 Ethereum. During the investment phase, the value of on MuFuCoin increases to Ξ.002 Ethereum. At the end of the cycle you would receive an estimated 2000 MuFuCoins credited back to your wallet balance for voting, staking, or exchanging before the next cycle begins.

Are there any Fees?
Yes, fees will be calculated during each cycle in reference to the fees related to the purchase, sell, and transfer of each related coin on multiple exchanges. As we all know, each time any coin is moved, sold, purchased and exchanged there are fees related to each of these actions. These fees will be incorporated into the value of the coin as these actions happen during the cycle.

Why should I use this platform?
Using the MuFuCoin platform helps in multiple ways. It takes the stress out of researching every coin out there. It spreads the research time out amongst all community members. It also prevents FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and Panic selling. A cycle has a predefined length. You don't have to sit and monitor. Cast your votes and come back at the end of the cycle and see how a community of members can perform!

Is there a referral program?
Yes! The referral program gives each member extra vote points when new coins are included in the platform. Members each get an additional vote point for each active referral made. These vote points will be used in the polls for additional coin inclusions for cycles to come. The more referrals you make, the more your voice counts in the community!

This ICO does not look like any other ICO I have come across. Where is the hard/softcap information, the distribution of coins, and maximum number of coins?
You are correct, this does not look anything like other ICOs and the reason is simple… because it is not like any other ICO. There is little to no overhead so that eliminates the need for a softcap. No hard cap is necessary because there is no maximum number of coins. MuFuCoins can be purchased and will be available for anyone that wants them.

Wait, there is no maximum number of coins? How is that possible?
There is no maximum because MuFuCoins have no value of their own. Limiting the number of coins is used to increase the value of that coin. Since Mufu has no value without the collection of coins that it makes up there is no reason to limit the number of coins.

When will Mufu be listed on external exchanges and which ones will I be able to find it on?
MuFuCoin will not be listed on any external exchanges now or ever. MuFuCoin has no standalone value so trading it on exchanges outside of MuFuCoin.com would be pointless.

Do you accept USD or any other type of fiat currency?
In an effort to not conflict with regulatory agencies, MuFuCoin does not accept fiat currency of any type. We currently accept only ETH.

Is MuFuCoin any more or less risky than a normal ICO or cryptocurrency?
You should always discuss possible investment strategies with a qualified investment specialist. You should not invest money in crypto or anything else you aren’t willing and able to lose.
With the disclaimer out of the way, our opinion is that MuFuCoin is less risky than a normal ICO. Since MuFuCoin is made up of multiple currencies every coin that makes up MuFuCoin would have to go down in value and stay down for the duration of that period in order for MuFuCoin to show a loss.

How is this community driven?
The MuFuCoin community can discuss and work together to make MuFuCoin as profitable as possible. The engineers don’t decide, nor do the owners, the community decides what to make MuFuCoin every single cycle. The owners of MufuCoin do not have any tie or loyalty to any specific token or coin included or to be included in the platform. MufuCoin employees are even forbidden from taking place in the vote cycles. Each cycle is completely created and governed by you and other members that make up the community.

What is the benefit to buying under the initial offering?
In addition to being one of the first investors in this groundbreaking area of crypto, you get to decide what the first MuFuCoin cycle is made up of before the general public.

MuFuCoin Roadmap
November 2017Idea inception and team building
December 2017Start building the platform and backend systems
March 2018MuFuCoin.com domain registration and limited beta testing
July 2018Open release to all investors.
Early Adopters polled for inital coins to include
September 2018Exchange agreements made for selected coins
October 2018First official cycle begins

MuFuCoin Sale
MuFucoin.com has been opened to early adopters. As an early adopter, you have the distinct privilege to be involved in the initial coin offering selection. For the first cycle, only 25 coins will be made available for selection.
Register for your account now for the opportunity to help build a lasting valuable community.
As an addition to the early adopters privileges, you can also refer your friends to receive additional votes on coins to include during the initial and future cycles.